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Re: Testers with radeon 9600 or 9800 wanted for new 3D package

Dan Horák wrote:
Hans de Goede píše v Čt 29. 06. 2006 v 13:25 +0200:
Dan Horák wrote:
I could test it on NVidia 6600GT with binary drivers.
I am getting a segfault on FC4 when trying to run the Chess. I will look
at this problem during the next days.
The segfault was caused by Ogre libraries conflict (Extras vs. local).
On the NVidia 6600GT it shows a nice rotating board with a hand moving
the "objects" (stones/characters?) but I can't press any key and after
killing the game the mouse is dead.

Hmm, you see the board but you don't see the menu? Also you don't see

Yes, I don't see the menu on both FC4+NVidia and FC6+Ati (without
accelerated binary driver). Both were run in fullcscreen mode and in
display's native resolution.

Hmm, thats strange are you sure you're using ogre compiled from my srpm and chess compiled from my srpm?

I recently fixed a bug in ogre which caused the menu text to not show, but the menu border should be there. Either way can you download the latest ogre from here:

Build and install it and give that a spin?



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