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Re: Clarification on Packaging Guidelines

On Thu, 2006-06-29 at 10:47 -0700, Eric Work wrote:
>  > The open question here would be: Should dlopen'ed plugins in $libdir
>  > be allowed?
> Actually my question was for a standard shared library package.  This is 
> a GTK widget called 'gtkdatabox' which is currently in bugzilla as a 
> review request (#196529).  I have a normal package which has 
> libgtkdatabox.so.* then the -devel package with the headers, pkgconfig 
> files, and .so symlinks.  According to previous responses, since the .so 
> files are symlinked the %pre/%postun are not needed.  Maybe it is clear 
> but I got confused somewhere in the process.

It's your reviewer that's confused. You've got it right.

You have ldconfig called in the %post/%postun of the main package
(correct, as there are shared libraries) and not in the devel package
(also correct, as there are only symlinks to the shared libraries in the
main package).


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