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PHP packaging guidelines not yet accepted

The packaging committee met for the first time today, in part to take
up the issue of the PHP guidelines.  The result was that the current
draft was not accepted.  So, reviewers take note: as before,
submissions of PHP extensions and modules (including PEAR and PECL
modules) should not be approved until finalized guidelines are ready.
Applications which happen to be written in PHP are OK as always.

I know that it's annoying to have packages accumulating for which
reviews cannot be completed due to the lack of these guidelines; we
will be working on this and hope to have something out soon.

The current draft is at:

You may of course join us in discussing this on the fedora packaging
list, fedora-packaging redhat com 

The packaging committee currently meets on Thursdays at 16:00UTC in
#fedora-packaging on irc.freenode.net.

 - J<

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