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Re: Changing the default font in Fedora Core 6

Le Ven 30 juin 2006 04:18, Dimitris Glezos a écrit :

> but one has to manually edit the fonts.conf file to
> get a usable desktop in > 1 languages.

Installing the makedefault dejavu subpackage will make dejavu the default
without editing manually fontconfig files

Installing the block subpackage will substitute other fonts for arabic and
farsi for people who feel the dejavu arabic bloc is not ready yet

> I don't
> know if someone is willing to transfer it to Core before Test 2 and I am
> not sure if the fontconfig patch to exclude characters from a font will
> be ready soon, or if it is even needed, since DejaVu LGU exists.

Note that even distributions like debian who currently strip some glyphs
from the font are interested in the patch, and it's pretty much a
requisite for evolving fonts like dejavu where some parts will always be

The current status of the patch can be seen here

Even without the patch I believe the current blocking code in the FE rpms
is sufficient for arabic and farsi needs.


Nicolas Mailhot

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