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non fedora-usermgmt user creation

Was "User id allocation and fedora-usermgmt"

I'm just trying to get a little background on this fedora-usermgmt and
user creation problem.  The page in the wiki I'm talking about here is:


The way I understand it is we're trying to avoid creating users with
UID's that are already reserved for a package that has not yet been
installed.  Having every package that requires a user register it seems
un-reasonable since the number of UID's is finite and the number of
packages that create users is large.  Simply running "useradd -r" is
what I've done in the past.  There is the possibility that when using
this command the UID would be created as 48, which is reserved for
apache.  When someone then tries to install httpd they'd have issues. 
How is it exactly that fedora-usermgmt fixes this problem?

The problem I have with the UserCreation page in the wiki is it provides
no non fedora-usermgmt creation alternatives.  And since fedora-usermgmt
is not yet in wide adoption I'm very hesitant to use it.


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