PLEASE READ: This list is going to be closed end of this week

Thorsten Leemhuis fedora at
Tue Apr 10 16:36:10 UTC 2007

Hi all!

fedora-extras-list is going to be closed as discussed in

and agreed on by FESCo on it 20070308 meeting:

fedora-extras-list will thereby get closed soon, probably on Friday or
Saturday this week; no further posting will be possible here.

fedora-devel-list will be the mailing that acts as the direct successor
for fedora-extras-list; all subscriber on this list that are not yet on
fedora-devel-list got invited there some minutes ago. If you want to
subscribe manually go to

Note that fedora-devel list is medium to high traffic list; the average
was 55 to 60 mails each day in the past two months which is way more
than fedora-extras-list saw in the last weeks.

Further: Please note that besides fedora-devel-list there are other
lists that in parts act as successor for fedora-extras-list at
as well. Maily:

fedora-maintainers at -> to announce important changes that
might be relevant for other maintainers as well. The list is also for
discussions that are for fedora-maintainers only, but we proably should
try to do all discussions on fedora-devel-list, as everybody can
participate there -- that includes people that sooner or later hopefully
become fedora-maintainers.

fedora-packaging at -> This mailing list provides a discussion
forum for RPM packaging standards and practices for Fedora.


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