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Re: About missing reviews

On 1/1/07, Thorsten Leemhuis <fedora leemhuis info> wrote:
I'd suggest this: for the devel period towards F8 build a "Re-review
SIG" (or let the QA sig handle it) that just goes trough most of/all the
packages in CVS; the oldest packages get visited first.

If you really really want to do this, we should really really take a
very hard look at toolizing some of the review process, as has been
mentioned before. The more specific policy items we can script checks
for the less manpower we will need to burn on re-reviews.  Granted not
everything that needs to be reviewed can be toolized or scripted, but
certainly specific policy item that have evolved over time could be,
like the python-abi defines, or the setting of the Fedora-Extras
Category in desktop files.

I believe re-reviews would have value, but without new tools in place
to script some of the checking  we will continue to be too manpower
poor for this to be worthwhile compared to other work.

In the meantime, if a lack of a review trail for fedora.us era
packages is blocking the ability to spin-up new and interesting
downstream projects as Jesse suggests, then its worth doing something
about that now since there is an additional payoff other than general
cobweb removal.


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