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Re: Xawtv: some questions

Le samedi 30 décembre 2006 à 08:48 +0200, Andy Shevchenko a écrit : 
> Hi Dmitry Butskoy!

> > 5)  What about "tv-fonts", accompanied with xawtv? Whether it is
> > required or not? How it should be named ("xawtv-tv-fonts" or just
> > "tv-fonts")?
> IIRC this package is necessary to the teletext messaging. The fonts package
> is shipped as separate tarball. Thus may be good to pack it separately as
> tv-fonts (like to other fonts packages in the FE).

Before inflicting yet another font package on Fedora users please check
the current fonts do not provide the glyphs you need (for example IIRC
both dejavu sans mono & dejavu LGC sans mono carry videotext glyphs).

If some glyphs are missing request them added to one of those fonts

Every new font slightly degrades performance & user experience (font
lists, etc). No font should be added before checking it's actually worth
this cost. A new font style is a good reason. A big unicode block too.
Glyphs that are already shipped by Fedora or not too difficult to add to
existing fonts aren't.

This is really no different from the private library forks some
developers are so fond of. We don't ship those.


Nicolas Mailhot

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