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Re: wiki reorganization

Rahul Sundaram schrieb:
> Anticipating the upcoming merge of Fedora Core and Extras I have been 
> removing the references to Fedora Core and replacing it with appropriate 
> terms throughout the wiki but I would need suggestions on how to handle 
> pages within the /Extras namespace.  Would moving them to /Packaging 
> make sense? Can we considering dropping the ACL's in the packaging page 
> and just add a note on top that changes needs to be handled by the 
> packaging committee?

+1 for moving most of the stuff to Packaging/ (¹) . But we need to make
sure that the Review Guidelines and the other stuff thats remains
protected by ACL's get moved to their own namespace, too (
/Packaging/Guidelines/ for example). The frontpage for that namespace
IMHO need a clear statement why there are such restricted ACL's.

With this scheme we further could clearly differentiate between general
packaging stuff (/Packaging/) and the stuff that's maintained by the
Packaging Committee (/Packaging/Guidelines/*).

@Spot/Packaging Committee: Does that sound sane for you, too?

BTW, I doubt those ACL's are useful (actually, I think they hurt) -- I
prefer if all contributors can make small changes everywhere. The
people that maintain those guidelines should watch those pages closely
via subscription in the wiki; if someone does something bad somewhere
it's easy to revert and bring it up in a  meeting. But well, that the
buisiness of the Packaging Committee, so who am I to complain...


(¹) -- maybe it might be a good idea to wait with it a bit more until we
roughly know how the new merged Core and Extras world is governed. I'll
post some thoughts about it later to FAB

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