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Re: Adding (parts of) gstreamer-plugins-bad to FE?

On 11/28/06, Hans de Goede <j w r degoede hhs nl> wrote:
The bad references mainly to the code quality, not to licensing issues,
so I'm planning on:

So you're planning on delibrately feed code that has been deemed as
poor code quality from upstream to end-users of Fedora. WTF?

You are delibrately running counter to upstream's purpose of having
these things in a 'bad' package. If you distribute these things... you
WILL be causing friction with the upstream developers. Is it worth it?
Is it worth burning bridges with upstream developers to get end-users
a plugin now?

I don't care how 'cool' some of these things are... if the upstreamer
gst developers have an established bar to meet to promote something
from bad to good or ugly.. then you should be working with them to get
the plugin fixed so it can be promoted.  Dropping them into a
distribution against the express wishes of upstream's code
stablization process is a very good way to burn bridges... bridges you
are going to need to fix bugreports that YOU as the maintainer will be
expected to fix.  Do you not care about stabilityor any other bug
issue? How exactly do YOU plan to deal with bugreports?

I'm not happy about this if there is no buy-in from upstream for
fedora to distribute this as part of a plan to test and fix specific
plugins so they can be promoted.  I want to see real discussion with
upstream for each module you want to see in FE, as to why its in bad
right now, and what actions need to be taken to get them into good by
F7 release.

If for example a plugin is in bad because it doesn't have an active
maintainer... putting it into Fedora would not be in the users best
interest's.  If a different plugin is in bad because it needs to be
more widely tested, then there could very well be an opportunity to
have it in development for the testing phase of F7 so we can help get
it promoted into the good.

Whatever you do, do not go it alone. You absolutely must work with
upstream so that we get the plugins out of the bad category.  We can
not feed unstable or unmaintained plugins to users in Fedora's release
branch repositories. We absolutely cannot do it.


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