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RELEASE: Mach 0.9.1 'Australia'

This mail announces the release of Mach 0.9.1 'Australia'.

mach allows you to set up clean roots from scratch for any distribution or
distribution variation supported.  Currently, this is limited to RPM-based

This clean build root can be used for making clean packages, running
jailed services, testing builds, or making disk images of clean roots.
For more information, see http://thomas.apestaart.org/projects/mach/
To file bugs, go to https://apestaart.org/thomas/trac/newticket
mach - make a chroot - RELEASE NOTES

Announcing the release of mach 0.9.1 - Australia.

mach allows you to set up clean roots from scratch for any distribution or 
distribution variation supported.

This clean build root can be used to run jailed services, create disk images,
or build clean packages.

mach can currently set up roots for the following distributions:
- Fedora 4, 5, 6   (core, updated, extras, rpm.livna.org,
         devel      JPackage, FreshRPMS, GStreamer)
- Fedora 1, 2, 3   (core, updated, www.fedora.us, rpm.livna.org,
                    JPackage, FreshRPMS, GStreamer)
- Red Hat 8.0, 9   (basic, updated, www.fedora.us, rpm.livna.org,
                    JPackage, GStreamer, FreshRPMS)
- Red Hat 7.2, 7.3 (basic, updated, FreshRPMS, JPackage)
- Red Hat 7.0, 7.1 (basic, updated, FreshRPMS)
- CentOS 4
- SuSE 8.1/8.2/9
- Connectiva
- Yellowdog Linux 3.0 (basic, updated, FreshRPMS)
- Yellowdog Linux 2.3 (basic, updated, FreshRPMS)
- Dave/Dina 0.0/oven/fridge

Read the README included in the distribution for a better overview.

        - Add FC6, CentOS 4 and JPackage 1.7 configs (Ville)
        - Run rpmlint by default (Thomas)
        - Cleanup of dist files (Ville)
        - Enable buildroot and rpath checks in FE roots (Ville)
        - Add /dev/(u)random to the root (Thomas)
        - Sync FC build package sets with Fedora guidelines (Ville)
        - Create RPM transaction lock directories during prep (Nigel)
        - Add Fedora PPC configs (Matthias)
        - Add debian build files (Jan)

mach is helpful:
- to create minimal chroot environments to jail services in
- to create clean packages for distributions
- to catch spec file mistakes, missing buildrequires, and more

mach's homepage is at http://thomas.apestaart.org/projects/mach/
mach is hosted on SourceForge; the project page is

There is a mailing list for development and use of mach.  See

a) On a Fedora 4 Core system, install the mach rpm from
b) su - mach
c) mach setup base
d) mach chroot
   poke around a bit in the fresh root
e) exit
f) mach rebuild http://ayo.freshrpms.net/fedora/linux/4/i386/SRPMS.core/vorbis-tools-1.0.1-6.src.rpm

If all goes well, you'll get a nice freshly built vorbis-tools package.

Now go out, experiment and bug report !

A mailing list has been set up for discussion of mach use and development.
Check http://lists.sourceforge.net/lists/listinfo/mach-devel for information.
The list is low-volume.

To file bugs, go to https://apestaart.org/thomas/trac

Always state what platform you are running on, if it's a clean install or
somehow updated, how I can reproduce the bug, and output of a run of
the failed command with -d (debugging).

Contributors to releases include
- Thomas Vander Stichele
- Ville Skyttä
- Jeff Pitman
- Rudi Chiarito
- Matthias Saou
- Nigel Metheringham
- Jan Schmidt

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