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Re: Disturbing lack of FE security updates announcements!

Dennis Gilmore wrote:
On Tuesday 09 January 2007 06:44, Axel Thimm wrote:

I checked the wiki and found no template to use, if I were to do so
now I would simply pick the latest announce (from Hans) and modify it
accordingly. But I'm not sure this is even wanted.
There is a tool in cvs for the security team to use to create the announcement emails.
Email me all the info you have and ill create the email body for you to send

Information on the procedure to use really needs to find its way on to the wiki. Even if it's very ad-hoc for the moment, i.e. sending email to Dennis. I was looking for this sort of information when I had an update to libpng10 to push, couldn't find it and hence didn't send anything. I wasn't worried too much about this since the update only fixed a client-side crash, which isn't really a security issue worth worrying much about. However, I'm eventually going to need to make a "real" security update for something, and I'll want to be able to find the procedure easily.

Now I know "it's a wiki" and I could add something myself but I'd really rather not add something suggesting sending mail to Dennis, at least not without Dennis' explicit permission.


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