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Re: fonts post script recipes complete?

Le mardi 09 janvier 2007 à 21:03 +0100, Patrice Dumas a écrit :
> On Tue, Jan 09, 2007 at 08:48:16PM +0100, Nicolas Mailhot wrote:
> > 
> > Kill burn eviscerate hang crush laminate drown vaporise X core font
> > handling
> > 
> > Don't even suggest we need more of those. Legacy leftovers are bad
> > enough.
> Why not add fonts when they are available, and used in apps?

Because less is more, and every added half-baked fonts.dir makes those
apps *less* likely to run. Core font handling is terminally broken.
After all those years we *still* manage to mislay the default core font
every other month (Google for "can not find font: fixed"). Go read the
carefully hand-crafted legacy font conf files shipped with X or java vms
— they're full of brittle manual workarounds (don't you think IBM or SUN
would autogenerate them if autogeneration actually worked?).

The scripts you ask for are not "missing" from Fedora guidelines, not
including them was a deliberate decision (as early as early fedora.us
era IIRC).

Also putting aside legacy core font problem you should remember every
new font is one more confusing entry in app font lists, a little more
memory wasted on user systems, more chance for fontconfig to produce
mismatched glyph patchwork, more chance to trigger rendering bugs in
apps. "Font available" is not a good inclusion reason by itself — there
are many cons to outweight before you get a net pro.

Nicolas Mailhot

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