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Re: A new utility to augment yum

David Timms <dtimms iinet net au> wrote:
> Jon Ciesla wrote:


> > My primary questions are these:
> > 1. Yumdiff scratched my itch, namely to quickly compare machines to
> > achieve software parity.  It was born in a data center composed of
> > machines that change roles on a semi-regular basis.  Does it scratch
> > anyone else's itch?

> Yes, often, I will want to move the complete configuration from one
> machine to another, before "putting down" the old machine. I had been
> thinking recently how I could script this to save time. The machines
> are performing server roles with a reduced set of packages.


   system-config-kickstart --generate /some/file

edit to taste, backup the local configuration tweaks.
> While kickstart capability is great, I have not tended to customize a
> new kickstart file for every different machine. I just use
> kickstart/network install to get the machine to a known state before
> removing unneeded packages.

You can remove them in the kickstart file. It saves lots of time and
aggravation (axed something that was needed, etc).


> > I'm contemplating/playing around with a feature that would use screen
> > on the local machine to allow remotely updating multiple machines to
> > match the local machine,

> I think this would be the most useful capability.

Not needed, if you have a kickstart file for the source machine.
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