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Package review status

Hi folks,

So here is round 2 of my "About missing reviews" query...

I received quite a bit of help in tracking down missing reviews, and
pursued some other suggested trails.  I have put up my findings in the
wiki here:

In short, I found so far:
 - 2101 packages where I could assign a review URL
 - 110 packages dead (or moved to Core, that kind of thing)
 - 313 packages imported from Fedora.us days
 - 37 packages imported from Core without a review
 - 178 packages with unknown status

I tuck the unknown status packages below, in the hope people here will
help me fill in the blanks... :-)



adrian lisas de	fbida
adrian lisas de	xdesktopwaves
andreas bawue net	mod_suphp
andreas bierfert lowlatency de	claws-mail
andreas bierfert lowlatency de	fluxconf
andreas bierfert lowlatency de	sylpheed-claws
andreas bierfert lowlatency de	synce
aportal univ-montp2 fr	gputils
bugs michael gmx net	abicheck
bugs michael gmx net	aide
bugs michael gmx net	gqview
dakingun gmail com	gnomesword
denis poolshark org	galeon
denis poolshark org	gstreamer-python
dennis ausil us	snort
dwmw2 redhat com	apmud
dwmw2 redhat com	exim-doc
dwmw2 redhat com	hfsplusutils
dwmw2 redhat com	qemu
ed eh3 com	netcdf
enrico scholz informatik tu-chemnitz de	hunt
enrico scholz informatik tu-chemnitz de	ip-sentinel
enrico scholz informatik tu-chemnitz de	libtasn1
enrico scholz informatik tu-chemnitz de	milter-greylist
enrico scholz informatik tu-chemnitz de	opencdk
enrico scholz informatik tu-chemnitz de	util-vserver
enrico scholz informatik tu-chemnitz de	xca
extras-orphan fedoraproject org	doctorj
extras-orphan fedoraproject org	gstreamer08-python
extras-orphan fedoraproject org	libvisual-plugins
extras-orphan fedoraproject org	screem
fedora christoph-wickert de	gwget
fedora leemhuis info	mail-notification
gauret free fr	amarok
gauret free fr	libifp
gauret free fr	libkexif
gauret free fr	libkipi
gauret free fr	libvisual
gauret free fr	showimg
gauret free fr	xbindkeys
gemi bluewin ch	gcl
gemi bluewin ch	graveman
gemi bluewin ch	GtkAda
gemi bluewin ch	gtkglarea2
gemi bluewin ch	pl
gemi bluewin ch	yap
ghenry suretecsystems com	pgadmin3
giallu gmail com	mantis
green redhat com	ladspa-swh-plugins
icon fedoraproject org	diction
icon fedoraproject org	gazpacho
icon fedoraproject org	uqm-content
icon fedoraproject org	uqm
imlinux gmail com	perl-MIME-Lite
jamatos fc up pt	conglomerate
jamatos fc up pt	ifplugd
jeff ocjtech us	libosip2
Jochen herr-schmitt de	crossvc
joost soeterbroek gmail com	xmms-cdread
jpo di uminho pt	perl-Cache-Cache
jpo di uminho pt	perl-DBD-SQLite
jpo di uminho pt	syslog-ng
jpo di uminho pt	tetex-perltex
jspaleta gmail com	gourmet
jwilson redhat com	rrdtool
j w r degoede hhs nl	bochs
j w r degoede hhs nl	monkey-bubble
j w r degoede hhs nl	plib
j w r degoede hhs nl	scorched3d
jylitalo iki fi	xplanet
kevin tummy com	p0f
lmacken redhat com	naim
lmacken redhat com	python-cherrypy
lmacken redhat com	python-cherrytemplate
mattdm mattdm org	wxPython
Matt_Domsch dell com	dkms
matthias rpmforge net	advancecomp
matthias rpmforge net	bbkeys
matthias rpmforge net	blackbox
matthias rpmforge net	boa
matthias rpmforge net	camE
matthias rpmforge net	csmash
matthias rpmforge net	d4x
matthias rpmforge net	directfb
matthias rpmforge net	djvulibre
matthias rpmforge net	epydoc
matthias rpmforge net	fillets-ng-data
matthias rpmforge net	fillets-ng
matthias rpmforge net	gcombust
matthias rpmforge net	gentoo
matthias rpmforge net	giblib
matthias rpmforge net	gtweakui
matthias rpmforge net	hackedbox
matthias rpmforge net	hercules
matthias rpmforge net	i8kutils
matthias rpmforge net	js
matthias rpmforge net	kannel
matthias rpmforge net	libcaca
matthias rpmforge net	linux_logo
matthias rpmforge net	lmarbles
matthias rpmforge net	metakit
matthias rpmforge net	moin
matthias rpmforge net	oidentd
matthias rpmforge net	p7zip
matthias rpmforge net	perl-libintl
matthias rpmforge net	php-eaccelerator
matthias rpmforge net	php-pecl-mailparse
matthias rpmforge net	plib16
matthias rpmforge net	portaudio
matthias rpmforge net	powermanga
matthias rpmforge net	proftpd
matthias rpmforge net	SDL_gfx
matthias rpmforge net	starfighter
matthias rpmforge net	synergy
matthias rpmforge net	thttpd
matthias rpmforge net	torcs-data
matthias rpmforge net	torcs
matthias rpmforge net	ucarp
matthias rpmforge net	udftools
matthias rpmforge net	viruskiller
matthias rpmforge net	xmms-acme
matthias rpmforge net	xmms-flac
matthias rpmforge net	xmms-lirc
matthias rpmforge net	xmms-speex
matthias rpmforge net	xvattr
matthias rpmforge net	yasm
matthias rpmforge net	zziplib
mcepl redhat com	vim-vimoutliner
michel salim gmail com	gai
michel salim gmail com	gai-pal
mpeters mac com	PyRTF
nicolas mailhot laposte net	dejavu-fonts
nomis80 nomis80 org	camstream
nphilipp redhat com	ufraw
opensource till name	pam_mount
orion cora nwra com	python-matplotlib
paul all-the-johnsons co uk	xmms-alarm
paul city-fan org	perl-Convert-BinHex
pjones redhat com	python-goopy
rdieter math unl edu	gtk-qt-engine
rdieter math unl edu	Macaulay2
redhat-bugzilla camperquake de	enemies-of-carlotta
redhat-bugzilla linuxnetz de	duplicity
rvokal redhat com	python-adns
skvidal phy duke edu	seahorse
steve silug org	perl-File-BOM
steve silug org	perl-Net-SCP
steve silug org	perl-Net-SSH
steve silug org	qtparted
tcallawa redhat com	perl-Class-Accessor
tcallawa redhat com	perl-Class-Whitehole
tcallawa redhat com	perl-DBD-SQLite2
tcallawa redhat com	perl-UNIVERSAL-exports
tcallawa redhat com	perl-UNIVERSAL-moniker
thomas apestaart org	flumotion
thomas apestaart org	libannodex
thomas apestaart org	libcmml
thomas apestaart org	liboggz
thomas apestaart org	mach
thomas apestaart org	mod_annodex
tmraz redhat com	vpnc
toshio tiki-lounge com	gnotime
toshio tiki-lounge com	qa-assistant
toshio tiki-lounge com	qof
uwog uwog net	enchant
ville skytta iki fi	gkrellm-hddtemp
ville skytta iki fi	lirc
ville skytta iki fi	neXtaw
ville skytta iki fi	openct
ville skytta iki fi	opensc
ville skytta iki fi	xemacs-packages-base
ville skytta iki fi	xemacs-packages-extra
wtogami redhat com	pop-before-smtp
zing fastmail fm	snownews
zipsonic gmail com	freenx
zipsonic gmail com	nx

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