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Re: When making a change to the CVSSyncNeeded Wiki page. . .

On 12.01.2007 13:09, Jon Ciesla wrote:
Thank you for your changes. Your attention to detail is appreciated.

Status of sending notification mails:
[en] ThomasChung, ThorstenLeemhuis, WarrenTogami, TomCallaway,
AndreasBierfert, RexDieter, IgnacioVazquezAbrams, CristianGafton, JeffOllie,
ChristianIseli, RahulSundaram, PatrickBarnes, DennisGilmore, JoseMatos,
ChitleshGoorah, MikeMcGrath, NielsNeuberg, JohnBerninger, Micha.Bentkowski:
Connection to mailserver 'mail.linux.duke.edu' failed: (-2, 'Name or service
not known')
Not sure who I should notify about this, so I figure this is a good place to

To the ticket system. c4chris reported it already:


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