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FESCo Meeting Summary for 2007-01-11

Members Present 
      * Thorsten Leemhuis (thl) 
      * Brian Pepple (bpepple) 
      * Rex Dieter (rdieter) 
      * Jason Tibbitts (tibbs) 
      * Toshio Kuratomi (abadger1999) 
      * Christian Iseli (ch4chris) 
      * Warren Togami (warren) 
      * Jeremy Katz (jeremy) 
      * Josh Boyer (jwb) 
      * Dennis Gilmore (dgilmore) 
      * Ville Skyttä (scop) 
      * Tom Callaway (spot) 
      * Andreas Bierfert (awjb) 
FAB Members Present
      * Max Spevack (mspevack) 
      * Rahul Sundaram (mether) 
      * Bill Nottingham (notting) 
      * Seth Vidal (skvidal) 
=== Summary ===
FESCo/Core cabal merge
      * Long discussion about the FESCo/Core cabal merge. The initial
        thought is to merge the members from the Core Cabal and FESCo
        into FTC (Fedora Technical Committee). 
      * The exact number of members in the FTC, and other issues will be
        discussed on the FAB-mailing list this week. 
      * FESCo members are also encouraged to be present for the IRC FAB
        meeting on Tuesday (2007-1-16). 
FESCo changes
      * thl has decided to step down as chair of FESCo, and bpepple has
        been chosen as the interim chair until FTC is up and running.
        Everyone thanked thl for all the hard work he has put into
        running FESCo. 
      * Kevin Fenzi (nirik) has joined FESCo, to fill the vacated seat
        of scop. FESCo would like to thank Ville for his hard work
        during his tenure there.  Welcome aboard, Kevin! 
Opening Core
      * Some reviews of Core packages should hopefully start being done
        in a trickle fashion. At FUDCon, there will be a hack-fest to
        review Core
      * The kernel doesn't currently follow the Naming Guidelines, and
        Jeremy is going to investigate if we need to make an exception
        for this in the Guidelines. 

For full IRC log of meeting:

Next FESCo Meeting: 2007-01-15 18:00 UTC

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