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Re: Yet-to-be-reviewed-packages.

On Wed, Jan 17, 2007 at 05:00:27PM +0200, Gilboa Davara wrote:
> Hello all,
> Two questions:
> A. Where do I find the list of new FE packages.

At the bottom of

there is a link to the blocker bugs which you are looking for,
especially FE-NEW and FC-NEW. *-REVEIW could also be usefull in case
some help is needed to help a review to end. and *-ACCEPT can give you
examples of other reviews.

> B. Given my limited (buy improving...) knowledge in packaging, I doubt
> that I can approve a package - but what are my obligations/rights/etc as
> a newly sponsored contributor?

You don't really have obligations (except to follow the guidelines). To
be able to make some changes to bugzilla which are required, if I recall
well, to be assigned to that bug, you have to request a certain role,

My advice would be that, in the beginning you do review of packages
that are sitting in FE-NEW (even those needing sponsor), but don't assign 
yourself as being reviewing and make clear from the beginning that you
are only checking, try to spot issues in the package and comment on it
in the bugzilla ticket (and CC yourself).

When you become confident enough with the guidelines, and you think that
the package is acceptable, state that you would approve this package, but 
also that you would like to have a double check by more experienced 
contributors. And when you are confident enough apply to be a
fedora-bugs member to do full reviews.

To have a list of inactive submission, you can have a look at


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