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Re: info scriptlets and nodoc in rpmrc

Hans de Goede schrieb:
Ville Skyttä wrote:
On Thursday 11 January 2007 14:20, Goede, J.W.R. de wrote:
Because I'm low on harddiskspace on a certain machine I've
added nodoc to my rpmrc, so that rpm no longer installs
%doc files, now however during a yum update I get numerous
install-info: no such file or directory ....
errors and worse:
error %post(xxx) scriptlet failed, exit status 1 errors


(54 of the reported Core packages remain unfixed at the moment)

Maybe one of the bugzilla scripting guru's on this list can take your list of packages and autofile bugs against all them?



I've patched the specfiles of autoconf, automake, ed and wget so that the scriptlets
won't fail even when install-info fails.
But how about the error messages ? Shouldn't we redirect them to /dev/null ?


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