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Re: Summary - Broken dependencies in Fedora Extras - 2007-01-17

Todd Zullinger wrote:

As far as getting things fixed for FC6, can anyone point me at the
current process for moving things from updates to updates-testing
(this is for Core I know, but I'm hoping it's documented someplace).

The best link I've found on the wiki is:

Is this what's planned for F7 and beyond or does it reflect the
current process?

Thats the one planned for the subsequent releases. Denoted by the "ideal" wording.

The relevant part I'm interested in seems to note
that the current process to move from testing to final is depending on
the package maintainer doing it manually.  If that's true, I'd ask
AlexL to do that then.

Yes. It is a manual push by the maintainers or the release manager - Jesse Keating.


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