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Re: About kernel updates: Extras and Core

On 19.01.2007 08:28, Devrim GUNDUZ wrote:

I have been suffering a problem when there is a kernel update: My gpsca*
packages are being removed from my system due to dependency problem,
because there is no matching gspca package in atrpms
(http://www.atrpms.net/dist/fc6/gspca/) for the new  kernel.

That is bad, since I will have to wait until atrpms catches it up,
rebuilds the package for new kernel , etc. Until then, I can't use my
webcam or I have to make my own rpm. A regular user won't do that, and
may not reinstall webcam module again...

The solution could be pushing people that builds packages against kernel
for building new packages 1-2 days before the new kernel package is
announced. I don't have a better idea for now.

My 2 cent:

- poke the maintainers of drivers like gspca to send their code upstream to the kernel maintained by Linus -- that solves this and several other problems and has a lot more benefits for everyone (including the driver maintainer!)

- some drivers are not able to get merged upstream. We need a good packaging standard for those (I'd say a mix of what atrpms, freshrpms and Extras uses currently), maybe a dedicated repo (for those that are not mergeable yet) with a big fat warning sign and a buildsys that rebuilds the kernel module packages automatically as soon as a new kernel gets pushed

Waiting "1-2 days" might help in some situations, but we never should have not wait to push out a new kernel if it fixes security problems.


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