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Fedora Extras License Audit

As part of our ongoing committment to Open Source, Fedora Extras is
undergoing a license audit of the packages contained within it. We do
this for several reasons:

1. To ensure that we don't have any packages containing licenses that do
not meet the Fedora licensing standards.
2. To ensure that the license tag for Fedora packages is accurate (even
though it is by no means legally binding).
3. To get rid of things like "BSD-ish" and "Distributable" wherever
4. Because we like pain. It hurts, sooo good.

I can do this by myself. Of course, if I do, then the results of this
audit will probably be ready sometime in 2013. Sadly, this is not a
process that can be easily scripted (at least, not to my knowledge), and
just requires knowledgable people looking at the package source code and
identifying the licensing.

Sound like fun? Well, no. But it is something that we do need volunteers
to help with. So, if you're interested in taking on this challenge, let
me know. The more people we can get to help in this task, the quicker it
will be completed. We have about 2550 source packages to check.



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