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Re: AWOL-Maintainer: Hugo Cisneiros

Sebastian Vahl wrote:
According with the awol policies I'm asking If anyone knows how to
contact Hugo Cisneiros. He didn't respond to the bug for two weeks now.


Also Christoph Wickert pointet out that Hugo wasn't active in cvs since
November 12th.

Hugo maintains the following packages in fedora extras:

- guichan
- kerry
- knemo
- metamonitor
- netpanzer
- netpanzer-data
- ode
- pengupop
- python-ogg
- python-vorbis
- tuxpuck
- xmoto

As hugo's sponsor let me put in a word for him, Hugo was a pretty active, reasonably quick responding contributor, so lets hope he turns up again. So I guess that MIA might be a better term here :)

Hugo, if you are reading this any sign of life would be much appreciated, even if its just a notice that you cannot do any FE work ATM because of ....

Also ode is mine and not Hugo's (he did the initial package, but it needed some tricky patches so he transfered it to me).



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