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Re: AWOL-Maintainer: Hugo Cisneiros

Sebastian Vahl wrote:
According with the awol policies I'm asking If anyone knows how to
contact Hugo Cisneiros. He didn't respond to the bug for two weeks now.


Also Christoph Wickert pointet out that Hugo wasn't active in cvs since
November 12th.

Hugo maintains the following packages in fedora extras:

- guichan
- kerry
- knemo
- metamonitor
- netpanzer
- netpanzer-data
- ode
- pengupop
- python-ogg
- python-vorbis
- tuxpuck
- xmoto

Some more info:

His BLOG stops at september 2006, he was an active participant in the free software movement of Brazil, so his current web disappearance is not something which one would expect and thus not a good sign! See:

contains his physical contact data, if anyone who
1) speaks portugeese
2) and preferably lives in brazil

Could try to contact him then that would be much appreciated.



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