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Re: Problem with tags

Am Fri, 26 Jan 2007 21:29:03 +0100
schrieb "Michał Bentkowski" <mr ecik gmail com>:

> 2007/1/26, Marcin Zajączkowski <mszpak wp pl>:
> > Btw, I want to import another package into FE. Is it normal
> > procedure to import src.rpm, bump version and retag? Or I made
> > something wrong in my first import and a fc5 tag on a devel version
> > was caused by that?
> I guess that your SRPM was created with %{?dist} tag in release. It
> causes a creation of a bad tag in cvs. When you're trying to do `make
> tag` it tries to make a tag that's already existing.
> To get rid of that issue, you have to create SRPM with no %{?dist}
> tag.

Thanks for explaining this. I've had the same problem with two
new packages the last days. After controlling the cvs log for the
package with the help of my sponsor it was clear that the tag was
already set. "make build" worked fine afterwards.
The imported package had a fc6-tag and the problem occured on
fc6-branch (not fc5).

> Anyway, I think that cvs-import should throw out tags like fc5, fc6
> etc.

Agreed. So this confusion would be avoided for new packagers (at least
for me). Especially because in "Extras/Contributors" [1] is said that
all new branches must be tagged.



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