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RFC: Close this list now?


as all of you probably know: Core and Extras merge. So this list
(fedora-extras-list redhat com) is mostly obsolete (¹).

The plan was to get rid of this list during the general mailing list
reorganization. But well, it looks like it will take another two months
before it's getting realized. So I propose to close this list now, and
use these instead:

- fedora-devel -- for most of the stuff that was discussed on this list
in the past
- fedora-maintainers -- for stuff that should be discussed between
maintainer only (normally fedora-devel should be preferred, as that is
open to non-contributors as well)
- epel-devel-list -- for discussion around EPEL

Closing plan: send all subscribed users that are not subscribed on
fedora-devel and mailman invite.



(¹) -- yes, Extras will further live on for FC5 and FC6 for some time,
but well, that's IMHO not enough reason to keep this list running.

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