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[Fedora-fonts-list] Re: The Fedora Fonts SIG is open


Sorry for the late followup, finally I got round to writing something.

Thanks, Nicolas, for all your work in getting this up and running. :)
I feel this SIG is pretty important for the future of Fedora: after all text is still the bread and butter of computing... :-)

Nicolas Mailhot さんは書きました:
> https://www.redhat.com/mailman/listinfo/fedora-fonts-list

Great start!

In addition to human posts I intend to get it CCed on every font-related
bug in our bugzilla.

Ok, as long as this list doesn't just become a bug list I am ok with that. People could also just subscribe to the font-problems bug in bugzilla though?

I've created the SIG but we can make it live.

Perhaps we should have a first SIG meeting on IRC before too long? :)

Stuff will happen because we make it happen. SIG organisation is only
there to help implement our wishes; I've sadly no access to magical
fairies ready to do the work in our stead.

Some of my plans for F9 include:

- lots of comps cleanup: eg finish moving all fonts from @base-x to @fonts and @legacy-fonts - there is a lot of duplication in f8 since the new groups were added a bit late in the cycle

- proposal to switch the default font for Japanese to VLGothic-fonts which is a nice new modern Japanese font

- hope to get some Thai outline fonts packages reviewed and added

- maybe some rationalization of the current fonts-* metapackages

- document our all our main current default fonts in the wiki pages


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