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Fonts SIG wiki migration cleanup & changes

Hi all,

After 10 days of work and about 850 changes the Fonts SIG wiki is
operationnal again. (I don't know mediawiki, so I won't claim to have
been efficient). The cleanup was accompagned by restructuring to take
into account differing moin/mediawiki capabilities and the fact some
pages had become huge and monstruous over time.

The SIG home page has been moved to

The old SIG pipeline and wishlist pages have been split in per-font
articles to be more manageable:

The new SIG workflow is to create a new page per font and change the
page category as the font progresses in the packaging process. A
documented font page template is provided to ease this workflow.

If you're the maintainer of a font package, or if you've added a font to
the wishlist, please check the corresponding font page exists and is as
complete as possible.

I've nuked the old SIG member list. It was incomplete and not up to
date. If you wish to register your interest in the SIG please just add
the Fonts_SIG_members category to your homepage to get listed there.

Using categories means you get nice dynamic self-maintaining indexes all
over the place.

I hope the end result is clear and pleasant and will motivate more
people to work on the big font wishlist. Remember:


Nicolas Mailhot

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