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Hans de Goede j.w.r.degoede at hhs.nl
Thu May 15 20:50:36 UTC 2008

Hi all,

I'm forwarding this reply of mine to Markus (the Author of Lost Labyrinth), to 
get a discussion going on howto best package Lost Labyrinth. Yes Lost Labyrinth 
can be packaged for Fedora/Debian now, as a Free purebasic compiler has been 
written named elice.

As you read in the forwarded mail my first idea was to seperately package 
elice, but according to Richard, the author of elice, elice only supports a 
subset of purebasic (the subset that Lost Labyrinth uses), and this is likely 
to stay like this. So elice really is mroe of a Lost Labyrinth compiler then a 
full purebasic compiler. Richard also expects that for the coming few releases 
at least each new Lost Labyrinth release will be accompanied by a new elice, so 
currently I'm tending to putting both elice and Lost Labyrinth in one 
sourcepackage, and bootstrap Lost Labyrinth using the included elice, and never 
put elice itself in any binary packages, what do you think?

Next I'll also forward a reply from Richard where he explains about the current 
state of elice.

Thanks & Regards,

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