[Fedora-haskell-list] Re: Test package - Cabal- (using cabal_* macros). was: Re: [Fedora-packaging] Revised Haskell Guidelines 2008.08.13

Yaakov Nemoy loupgaroublond at gmail.com
Thu Aug 28 18:28:08 UTC 2008

On Thu, Aug 28, 2008 at 5:50 AM, Rajesh Krishnan <fedora at krishnan.cc> wrote:
> Yaakov / Jens,
> Have we finally decided if what style of macros we wish to move forward with
> (ghc_* v/s cabal_*)?  I looked at Jens' update for the macros file and liked
> the syntax, and created this sample package for the latest version of Cabal
> (  The specified SPEC below compiles well on F8 and F9 (the rpmbuild
> command on rawhide (F10) seems to have BuildRoot resolution issues at the
> moment, and may not build on rawhide).  Here are the F9 source and binaries
> (tested on F9 on amd64, with ghc-6.8.3):

cabal_* is a no go.   It makes it *much* harder to support multiple
compilers in the future.  Remember these rules.

All libraries theoretically need to have a seperate spec file (thus
seperate package in CVS) for each compiler we ship.  Thus:

For library foo in hackage.

All packages that also ship with executables should be compiled with
GHC (or give a good justification for using another compiler), thus:

For xmonad, darcs, and haddock.

Packages that do code generation, and ship both libraries and
executables should also use GHC, but the library component should be
named after GHC.  Note that the library component is just a subpackage
of the executable.  Thus:

For xmonad.

> RPM(x86_64):
> http://krishnan.cc/devel/repository/fedora/RPMS/x86_64/ghc-cabal-
> RPM(i386):
> http://krishnan.cc/devel/repository/fedora/RPMS/i386/ghc-cabal-
> http://krishnan.cc/devel/repository/fedora/SPECS/ghc-cabal.spec
> http://krishnan.cc/devel/repository/fedora/SRPMS/ghc-cabal-
> macros.haskell:
> http://krishnan.cc/devel/repository/fedora/MISC/macros.haskell
> (This is the modified file with cabal_* style macros as proposed by Jens. Note
> that we  need to place macros.haskell under /etc/rpm to successfully build
> with the above .spec).
> YAAKOV:  Note that the macros.haskell file needs another variable
> called %{internal_name} which needs to get defined in the spec for Hackage
> that start with a capital letter (like the Cabal example mentioned here).
> Otherwise it IMHO it is not possible keep the resulting rpm name (ghc-cabal)
> in all lowercase letters as per the Haskell package building specification.

Uh, that part changed.  We are now going with upstream names.  This
was to reduce complexity, since Upstream uses a consistent naming

> If we have decided stay with the original macros.ghc  style macros (ghc_*)
> then I can update the package and resubmit with the modified macros.ghc file.
> I am not biased towards either macros.ghc or macros.haskell, and either one
> of them  is fine with me (will need to tweak them a bit of course).
> And also, could somebody help me with getting some file-hosting space on
> FedoraPeople or Fedoraproject sites?  That would help me upload the packages
> and spec related files for public sharing.

You should have some already with your FAS account.


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