[Fedora-haskell-list] Haskell packaging for multiple Fedora releases?

Rajesh Krishnan fedora at krishnan.cc
Tue Jul 15 01:23:43 UTC 2008


I have these quick questions about submitting RPMs for different Fedora 
releases and a quick scan thru' the Fedora packaging guidelines did not point 
me in the right direction. Here it goes:

If I want to submit a number of packages that would build exactly the same way 
(that is, identical SRPMs)  on Fedora8, Fedora9 and RawHide then do I need to 
submit 3 different Review Requests on bugzilla.redhat.com?

And what if the source RPMs that I have created are different for Fedora 8, 
Fedora 9 and Rawhide?  Then would that call for creating 3 different Review 
Requests on Bugzilla?

Thanks in advance.


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