[Fedora-haskell-list] Thinking about changes to ghc packaging

Bryan O'Sullivan bos at serpentine.com
Wed Jun 18 02:50:06 UTC 2008

One of the things that Yaakov has suggested, in his draft Haskell
package management guidelines, is a simplification of the layout for
Haskell library packages. I think that some time ago, there was a
desire to support multiple versions of GHC installed concurrently. In
all the time that we've had the infrastructure to support that more or
less in place, the packaging energy to actually do anything about it
has never materialised, and I think it never will.

I'd like to take Yaakov's suggestion for packages and apply it to GHC
itself. Instead of splitting GHC into ghc and ghc682 packages, we'd
have a single ghc package that would represent the current version.

I need to perform some surgery on the GHC spec file over the coming
few days in any case, because it violates a few of the packaging
guidelines (e.g. binaries in %{_libdir} instead of %{_libexecdir}) and
has some bugs besides (it shouldn't be messing with SELinux labels in
the %post script).


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