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--- Comment #36 from Jens Petersen <petersen at redhat.com>  2008-11-13 19:50:15 EDT ---
(In reply to comment #35)
> One remaining question: if ghc library packages in the future do grow a runtime
> component, that will imply not only that this package grows a -devel subpackage
> but that anything which build against it has to change to having a build
> dependency on the -devel package.  That could be avoided now in a couple of
> ways, but I don't know whether the possibility of ghc supporting shared
> libraries is sufficiently remote that its not worth it.  The simplest way is
> for this package to provide ghc-zlib-devel and for other packages to
> BuildRequires: that.  In any case, I'll leave that up to you folks.

That is a very good suggestion and I think we should adopt that, since ghc is
moving to support shared libraries.

> We definitely need to get the full list of dependencies into the guidelines. 
> Currently I think the haddock ones are missing.  Or am I confused and is
> haddock somehow brought in by ghc?

ghc-6.10.1 includes a version of haddock now, but ghc-6.8.3 does not.
(Hence my suggestion to do the review against ghc-6.10.1, but it is not yet in
rawhide, just dist-f11.)

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