[Fedora-haskell-list] Planning for the Haskell Platform

Jens Petersen petersen at redhat.com
Tue Oct 14 01:40:54 UTC 2008

> One simple possibility: split the ghc package up now. Initially
> create a "ghc-platform" subpackage in the same spec file, containing
> extralibs. Make the ghc package depend on ghc-platform, so it will be
> autoinstalled by a depsolver. When the real platform is released,
> split ghc into toplevel ghc and ghc-platform packages, chop out the
> ghc-platform subpackage from the ghc spec file, but don't rebuild the
> ghc package (since not necessary). A build of the new ghc-platform
> package should supersede the old subpackage (since rpm itself doesn't
> seem to know about subpackages at all).

I'd say, why not just keep ghc+extralibs together for now until platform is available?  I don't really see any big win in doing it in two stages - just looks like extra effort to me.  Then when platform is released we can drop extralibs from ghc if that makes sense, and push out ghc-platform in a timely manner. :)

> Someone installing ghc after
> the splitup should get the old ghc and the new ghc-platform.

(We can't do that anyway, since that would leave the old subpackage still in the repo: so ghc needs to be updated anyway.)

I am happy to help review ghc-platform when it is ready.  Will there be some pre-releases? :)


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