[Fedora-haskell-list] Packaging guidelines and macros update

Bryan O'Sullivan bos at serpentine.com
Wed Oct 15 04:42:23 UTC 2008

I've got an outline of the new documentation process here:


I also did a drive-by update of some other parts of that page, but
it's somewhat out of date compared to the hacking that Jens and I have
been doing lately.

The rawhide and F-10 branches of ghc should have all the right magic
for packages to be able to follow the new auto-update Haddock model,
and I've attached a shiny new spec file to
https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=425882 that shows how this
works in practice with the ghc-zlib package.

For better or worse, all packages will have to be updated to follow
this scheme. For ghc's F-9 branch, I've already fixed the macros file,
but I'll leave it to Jens to incorporate the other changes that are
needed to the ghc spec file.

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