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--- Comment #20 from Jason Tibbitts <tibbs at math.uh.edu>  2008-10-22 15:37:12 EDT ---

This is the first one of these I've seen being done, so I'll have a few
probably obvious questions.

First off, why the hsc_name macro?  Or rather, why go to the trouble of
defining it to "ghc" only to use "ghc" explicitly later?  Wouldn't it be
simpler just to not use the macro at all?

If you build a package against ghc-zlib, will it be required at runtime?  I
guess what's confusing me is all the talk of static linking, and yet the .a
file is packaged, which implies that this is really some sort of -devel package
needed at compile time.  Is there no kind of runtime/-devel split of these

There's no reason to include the LICENSE file twice, is there?

Otherwise the %ghc_* macros hide all of the complexity nicely.  I'm not sure
I'd know how to find a test suite if one were included, so I can't really check
that.  With some good answers to the above questions I don't see any reason
this wouldn't pass review.

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