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--- Comment #25 from Rajesh Krishnan <fedora at krishnan.cc>  2008-09-05 19:26:19 EDT ---

1.   The original set of macros published as part of Jens/Yaakov's updates
would not correctly build cabal packages with mixed case package names.  The
"internal_name" variable is necessary to take care of that.  

2.  For the argument against deleting the executables after building, see point
(2.) in the next section below.

1.   I just compared the macros.ghc you submitted with the one I have and they
are identical.  Thank you for taking care of my concerns in your updated
macros.ghc submission.

2.   As for your question about the necessity of the  test executables, I have
no idea, because I am not the original author of the Crypto cabal package.  So
in order to avoid ticking-off the very few developers who might actually need
those under some special circumstances (the tiniest bit of crypto-related
software being too important these days), I did not feel it was appropriate to
miss out that detail by simply deleting those executables after compilation. 
Hence the logical choice of spinning out the -devel package with those

3.  As for the %test macro, I think at this time the ghc-crypto rpm spec does
not really need that.  I felt it would be just easier for me to provide the
users of ghc-crypto with the means of testing it for themselves (with the
executables  in ghc-crypto-devel package).

4.  I am building a lot of other cabal packages with our latest macros.ghc and
will let everyone know if we  need any updates.  


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