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Wed Sep 10 03:02:40 UTC 2008

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--- Comment #14 from Rajesh Krishnan <fedora at krishnan.cc>  2008-09-09 23:02:39 EDT ---
No problem.  At least this would be a placeholder for info and pointers on the
above-mentioned Haskell packages for others who would come searching for them.

I will resubmit those using the other URL.  But I guess FedoraProject needs to
streamline its user interfaces for package submissions.  

That other URL (extras-review submit page) has the following shortcomings (that
I couldn't find it documented anywhere):

1.  Doesn't allow for specifying CC list.

2.  Doesn't allow for marking dependencies of submitted packages.  That is, if
I have 2 packages A and B, and A is a dependency for B, and I submit A first
and then B, it is not possible to specify the ticket ID of A at the time of
submitting B.

And hey, don't throttle me down if you can't keep up with me!  :-) 
FedoraProject may have its technical deficiencies and managerial bureaucracies,
but not the developers who are capable of submitting the packages, or the
end-users who would come here looking for those.  It is important for Fedora
management to understand that, and not place a gag-order the contributors, by
specifying an upper limit of 1 or 5 or whatever number suits their fancy;
despite all the time/resource/reviewer-crunch and other limitations we might
have at the moment.  

-Rajesh Krishnan

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