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Sat Dec 5 19:11:12 UTC 2009

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--- Comment #33 from Shakthi Kannan <shakthimaan at gmail.com>  2009-12-05 14:11:11 EDT ---
%_emacs_bytecompile *.el is failing on my Fedora 12 laptop with:

=== OUTPUT ===

+ /usr/bin/emacs -batch --no-init-file --no-site-file -f batch-byte-compile
haskell-c.el haskell-cabal.el haskell-decl-scan.el haskell-doc.el
haskell-font-lock.el haskell-ghci.el haskell-hugs.el haskell-indent.el
haskell-indentation.el haskell-mode.el haskell-simple-indent.el
haskell-site-file.el inf-haskell.el

In toplevel form:
haskell-c.el:28:1:Error: Cannot open load file: haskell-mode
Wrote /home/foo/rpmbuild/BUILD/haskell-mode-2.7.0/haskell-cabal.elc

In toplevel form:
haskell-decl-scan.el:130:1:Error: Cannot open load file: haskell-mode

In toplevel form:
haskell-doc.el:356:1:Error: Cannot open load file: haskell-mode

In toplevel form:
haskell-font-lock.el:104:13:Error: Cannot open load file: haskell-mode

In haskell-ghci-locate-next-error:
haskell-ghci.el:302:32:Warning: `string-to-int' is an obsolete function (as of
    Emacs 22.1); use `string-to-number' instead.

In end of data:
haskell-ghci.el:334:1:Warning: the function `comint-mode' might not be defined
    at runtime.
Wrote /home/foo/rpmbuild/BUILD/haskell-mode-2.7.0/haskell-ghci.elc

In haskell-hugs-gen-load-file:
haskell-hugs.el:283:25:Warning: `string-to-int' is an obsolete function (as of
    Emacs 22.1); use `string-to-number' instead.
Wrote /home/foo/rpmbuild/BUILD/haskell-mode-2.7.0/haskell-hugs.elc
Wrote /home/foo/rpmbuild/BUILD/haskell-mode-2.7.0/haskell-indent.elc

In haskell-indentation-mode:
haskell-indentation.el:100:32:Warning: assignment to free variable

In haskell-indentation-indent-line:
haskell-indentation.el:264:20:Warning: assignment to free variable
haskell-indentation.el:272:20:Warning: reference to free variable
Wrote /home/foo/rpmbuild/BUILD/haskell-mode-2.7.0/haskell-indentation.elc

In end of data:
haskell-mode.el:621:1:Warning: the function `compile-internal' is not known to
    be defined.
Wrote /home/foo/rpmbuild/BUILD/haskell-mode-2.7.0/haskell-mode.elc
Wrote /home/foo/rpmbuild/BUILD/haskell-mode-2.7.0/haskell-simple-indent.elc
Wrote /home/foo/rpmbuild/BUILD/haskell-mode-2.7.0/haskell-site-file.elc

In toplevel form:
inf-haskell.el:38:1:Error: Cannot open load file: haskell-mode
nilerror: Bad exit status from /var/tmp/rpm-tmp.rSeL06 (%build)

RPM build errors:
    Bad exit status from /var/tmp/rpm-tmp.rSeL06 (%build)

=== END ===

Now, when I try using "emacs -batch -f batch-byte-compile *.el", I get the
above error.

But, using "emacs --batch --eval '(setq load-path (cons "." load-path))' -f
batch-byte-compile *.el" builds fine though.

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