[Fedora-haskell-list] RFE: GHC packaging improvement proposal

Lorenzo Villani lvillani at binaryhelix.net
Sun Dec 13 19:48:25 UTC 2009

On Friday 11 December 2009 08:57:05 you wrote:
> [...]
> Okay cool - better not to work in secret though :) -

My bad, I wanted to have something working before announcing it to the world. 
It took some time to get into ghc packaging. :-)

> [...]
> Yeah but I have seen ghc package install errors when static libs
> are not around - probably something that upstream needs to fix.

Actually, there are many build-time errors when GhcLibWays doesn't contain 
'v'. (There's a .spec file in the 'experimental' branch but I can't build it 
unless I re-add 'v' to GhcLibWays -- build system issue?)

> [...]
> I think shared libs and interfaces should be separated.

Right, the 'experimental' branch has a modified .spec file.

> [...]
> Pass the option "--ghc-option=-dynamic" to cabal configure.

I tried that already but maybe there's another issue with my über-broken setup 

> It is shame you branched off, Bryan and
> I committed quite few changes in cvs since then.  I know cvs is not
> a DVCS - fedora pkg cvs may be moving to git next year... :)
> The current spec file works for rc2 anyway and provides shared
> libraries.

Maybe I should use 'git cvsimport'...

> Going to look through your spec file now.
> In future it would be helpfil if you could send us a patch or
> put it into bugzilla if you like and I can review and integrate
> to cvs.

You can clone the repo and 'git diff' between master and fedora-cvs branch.

> And join us on freenode #fedora-haskell if you care for irc.

It's already in my autojoin list. (I'm 'lvillani' on IRC).

Lorenzo Villani
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