[Fedora-haskell-list] Update guidelines for using darcs based sources in packages

Yaakov Nemoy loupgaroublond at gmail.com
Wed Jan 7 16:54:12 UTC 2009

Hi List,

(Packaging list, i'm double posting because i want you guys to see
this, but please put further comments on the haskell list :) )

Because the macros, last i checked were for ghc 6.10.1, some of the
packages i'm still working on will only compile from darcs. I've put
together a tool to help with development of packages from darcs, and
i'm looking for a standardized way to note which revision from darcs
is being used. Darcs has two relatively canonical ways to refer to a
package, with a hash and a timestamp.  Internally this tool uses both.
Judging from the different ways people note svn/git/other usage in
fedora packages, i've put together a few recommendations that we can
use for a standard.

Keep in mind, my goal is to support darcs, so please be nitpicky about
these details. Just keep in mind, this is easily bikesheddable, and
all i want to do is support darcs based packages systematically.

Normal Haskell Tarball name:
Output from darcs:

Accesible from:
darcs dist -d %{hackage_name}-%{version}.%{timestamp_from_darcs}darcs
Timestamp accessible from
darcs changes --xml-output --last=1

To note this in the rpm
Normal Dist:
Darcs Dist

I've attached a patch to the templates that puts in a placeholder to
make it clearer how to do things. Note that in the timestamp i've
added . and darcs systematically. Since the macro %dist includes the .
prefix, as a matter of precedent, i've noted that we should just use
the prefix and suffix in the %darcs macro as well.

Also, the names of everything here is not so important.  What's
important is that i want to take a spec file that's been generated by
cabal2spec, run it through a quick sed-like script that will append
the correct darcs timestamp. Darcs doesn't make the timestamps that
easily available, and i'm trying to automate a few things here.

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