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--- Comment #8 from Yaakov Nemoy <loupgaroublond at gmail.com>  2009-03-05 11:32:17 EDT ---
1) It's on the border of what's code or content, and there are several other
packages that are on that border as well. Closing this bug report on that basis
alone is arbitrary and unfair.

2) The fortune package plays a slightly different role. Aside from being
basically a displayer of certain content, it has played an historical role in
Unix and Linux for many years. While this pony might be a good candidate for
content to be added to the fortune package, the role of this application is to
fill a specific meme in the Red Hat and Fedora communities.

3) The licensing does present some questions. Rather than closing this request
due to some prejudice, i've emailed upstream asking about the licensing issue.
As i was writing this, i actually got a reply from Don mentioning that he does
not have a valid license for this, and realistically we would need to find a
public domain picture to use.

I would also like to note that the upstream haskell community has accepted this
package as part of their internal culture and memes as well. Licensing issues
aside, packaging this would play the same role as packaging fortune in any Unix
or Linux distro. IIRC fortune is not installed by default in Fedora. Nor would
this package be.

Think along the lines of "Haskell will give you a pony, but not if you use

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