[Fedora-haskell-list] GHC and Haskell Platform

Bryan O'Sullivan bos at serpentine.com
Wed May 6 20:02:01 UTC 2009

Now that the first Haskell Platform release is out, we'll have to retool our
Haskell packaging to handle it. Fun! :-\


The thing that's tricky is that the Platform is a combination of libraries
and tools, combining the old "extralibs" GHC tarball with several libraries
and tools that we already package.

Ideally, there would be some way to run "yum install ghc-platform" and have
all the right things pulled in, but RPM doesn't have an apt-like notion of
metapackages. I guess we could have ghc-platform be like basesystem, a
package that is just a list of requires and provides.

Here would be my suggested steps.

   1. Don't worry about repackaging existing packages unless there's a newer
   version specified by the Platform.
   2. Shrink the ghc package down to just GHC and core libraries.
   3. Create a new package that we manage independently, called maybe
   ghc-platform-devel, that contains the former extralibs.
   4. Create a new "meta" package that requires ghc, ghc-platform-devel, the
   various libraries that we already package separately, cabal-install, alex,
   and happy.

Does this sound reasonable?
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