[Fedora-haskell-list] ghc builds

Jens Petersen petersen at redhat.com
Mon Nov 16 04:53:39 UTC 2009

> Thanks for building rc1 of ghc-6.12 (I had been planning to wait
> for rc2 before building for f13 rawhide

I untagged it for now though since I want to build xmonad-0.9
and packages in f13 while we wait for 6.12.1.
But if someone really wants to try to rebuild ghc-*
feel free to move it back into dist-f13:
I would recommend using a newer snapshot though.

> BTW I had quite forgotten you disabled ppc for f12.

Sorry correction - I should have checked my facts first:
this was just in cvs devel branch.
Anyway I still think we should allow ppc as a secondary
arch for f13.


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