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Sun Sep 20 09:20:26 UTC 2009

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Jens Petersen <petersen at redhat.com> changed:

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               Flag|fedora-review?              |fedora-review+

--- Comment #29 from Jens Petersen <petersen at redhat.com>  2009-09-20 05:20:23 EDT ---
Sure, it's all good - just wanted to clarify your
intentions and think we also did that on irc.
Didn't want to end up with a "dead" package here. :)

Here is the review:

 +:ok, =:needs attention, -:needs fixing,  NA: not applicable

MUST Items:
[=] MUST: rpmlint output

Please fix:

ghc-xmonad-contrib.src: W: invalid-license BSD3
ghc-xmonad-contrib.src: W: strange-permission xmonad-contrib-0.8.1.tar.gz 0777
ghc-xmonad-contrib-doc.x86_64: E: description-line-too-long This package
contains development documentation files for the ghc-xmonad-contrib library.
(need a line break)


ghc-xmonad-contrib-prof.x86_64: E: devel-dependency ghc-xmonad-contrib-devel
ghc-xmonad-contrib-prof.x86_64: W: no-documentation
ghc-xmonad-contrib-prof.x86_64: W: devel-file-in-non-devel-package

[+] MUST: Package Naming Guidelines
[+] MUST: spec file name must match base package %{name}
[+] MUST: Packaging Guidelines.
[+] MUST: Licensing Guidelines
[=] MUST: License field in the package spec file must match actual license.

See above rpmlint

[+] MUST: include license files in %doc if available in source
[+] MUST: The spec file must be written in American English and be legible.
[+] MUST: source md5sum matches upstream release

03f74fda270aca759407787da73e50d9  xmonad-contrib-0.8.1.tar.gz

[+] MUST: must successfully compile and build into binary rpms on one main arch
[+] MUST: if necessary use ExcludeArch for other archs
[+] MUST: All build dependencies must be listed in BuildRequires
[+] MUST: A package must own all directories that it creates.
[+] MUST: A package must not contain any duplicate files in the %files listing.
[+] MUST: Permissions on files must be set properly.
[+] MUST: Each package must have a %clean section
[+] MUST: Each package must consistently use macros
[+] MUST: The package must contain code, or permissable content.
[+] MUST: Large documentation files should go in a doc subpackage.
[+] MUST: If a package includes something as %doc, it must not affect the
runtime of the application.
[+] MUST: Header files must be in a -devel package.
[NA] MUST: Static libraries must be in a -static package.
[+] MUST: Packages must not own files or directories already owned by other
[+] MUST: At the beginning of %install, each package MUST run rm -rf
%{buildroot} (or $RPM_BUILD_ROOT).
[+] MUST: All filenames in rpm packages must be valid UTF-8.

Please fix the 3 rpmlint issues before importing to CVS.

Package is APPROVED by petersen

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