A New Malayalam Free Software Font Project

Dave Crossland dave at lab6.com
Tue Nov 6 00:32:27 UTC 2007


I'm a student at The University of Reading, UK, on the Masters degree
in Typeface Design - http://www.typedesign.rdg.ac.uk/ - and am working
on free software fonts.

A significant part of the course is developing our typeface into a
family with a complex script complement, and full OpenType features.

I am considering designing an original Malayalam typeface designed for
reading long passages of text on screen, that will be wholly created
with and released as free software.

I thought I'd drop this mailing list a line to ask if anyone here would
like to be involved in my project - giving me feedback and supporting
information and perhaps doing some testing for me next year :-)

Initially I'm interested in the technical limitations around supporting
Indic languages including Malayalam in the most common free
rendering systems, both on screen (Pango/freetype) and for
printing (Firefox, scribus, TeX, OpenOffice.org)

Also, if anyone who has made any Indic fonts with free software is
on this list, I hope you'll also get in contact with me :-)


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