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Mon Oct 1 10:03:27 UTC 2007

> as give aways during the Project Day - any thoughts ?

Looking at the proposal (, agenda
#3 looks like the low hanging fruits which can be used as baits to
entice new Fedora contributors. I think it would be a good idea to
have most of these fruits (if not all) as workshops so that the
interest generated during the talks can be magnified by some hands-on

In this regard, can we have workshops on:

* Bug triaging -- I have seen multiple posts on
fedora-devel at where senior developers (eg., Matej, Ajax)
have been complaining about the lack of help in this regard. Packages
like Nautilus, Evolution,, Gecko, immediately
come to mind.

* Documentation -- Would be nice to get a bunch of merry hackers to
write up some good documentation during the course of the day. I hear
the folks writing the release notes are often overburdened.

Would the inclusion of new workshops require removal of some of the
existing ones? If yes, then which ones?

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