Fwd: About foss.in

susmit shannigrahi thinklinux.ssh at gmail.com
Sat Oct 6 15:51:13 UTC 2007

> James Morris has been requested to talk on SELinux, but don't let that
> deter you from proposing a talk.

How about a hands on workshop on how to write own scripts (of iptables
and selinux) with some reference to http/ftp etc?
(I am not insane enough to ask if he is doing a workshop :))

>What would perhaps be better is an
> application oriented talk on how to secure server services on Fedora.

Probably system-config-se* can be included here...
And they may want to improve them a bit..thus giving back to Fedora. :)

> That has the plus of allowing you to actually figure out a collaborative
> forum of like minded folks who handle Fedora mirrors and the like.


If you have any suggesions, and if you propose any change
about this please let me know by tomorrow. If all goes well I shall
propose this workshop on Monday.



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