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Sat Oct 27 13:49:29 UTC 2007


Fedora Project day shortlist has been published and we have the largest 
project day both in terms of depth and breadth of the talks. Mairin 
Duffy also has a main conference talk titled  "Community-led Open Source 
Art: The Fedora Art Team".

Slides are due 7 days from today, i.e. on Saturday, the 3rd of November! 
   (Till Indian Standard Time time 12:00 AM, UTC + 5:30)

The alphabetically sorted list is as follows:

1. Amey Inamdar - Fedora-ARM : Call for contributions
2. Debarshi Ray - Opyum: offline package management with Yum
3. Dimitris Glezos - Transifex: Upstream-friendly, community-centric 
4. Mairin Duffy - How to Theme Fedora
5. Rahul Bhalerao - Fonts in Fedora
6. Rahul Sundaram - Spin your own Fedora - Custom spins, software 
appliances and derivative distributions
7. Rahul Sundaram - Fedora - Freedom is a feature
8. Tom Callaway - Fedora Secondary Architectures: Moving Beyond x86
9. Tom Callaway - Best Practices with RPM

List yourself as a delegate if you are attending

In addition to the above talks, a number of Red Hat folks are 

Main Conference

# James Morris - How and Why You Should Be a Kernel Hacker
# James Morris - The State of SELinux
# Lennart Poettering - Introduction into practical real-time programming 
in userspace on Linux
# Lennart Poettering - The PulseAudio Sound Server
# Thomas Gleixner - Turning Linux into a Real-time Kernel
# UlrichDrepper - Contributing to the Basic Runtime

Project Days: Gnome

# Lennart Poettering - ZeroConf Networking with Avahi
# Mairin Duffy - Beginners guide to UI design
# Ritesh Khadgaray - hunting bugs
# Runa Bhattacharjee - Gnome Translation Project-Your language on the 
# Sankarshan Mukhopadhyay - Bring your own hammer - I have the nails !

Project Days: IndLinux

# Ramakrishna Reddy - Understanding Indic

Project Days: Mozilla

# Ankit Patel - Mozilla Localization

Project Days:

# Sankarshan Mukhopadhyay - Is the Community in India a 
study in meiosis ?


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