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Subject: Help the Release Engineering Team!
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Want to give the releng team a hand?  Great!  I've got a fun task for

 In our ramp up to release Fedora 9, many Fedora 9 blocker bugs have been
 recently closed.  The tracker for these bugs is at
 https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=235706  However since we're
 in a freeze mode, there is no guarantee that "CLOSED->RAWHIDE" actually
 means that a package build made it into rawhide.  What we're looking for
 is somebody to trace through the blocker bugs that have been closed
 since April 8th and make sure that there:

 A) a package build with the fix and
 B) that build (or a later one) has been tagged with f9-final in koji.

 For anything that doesn't meet one of those two requirements, either
 re-open the bug and state such in the bug, or mail
 rel-eng at fedoraproject.org with the details.

 Your help will be much appreciated.

 P.S.  Coordinating somewhere like fedora-devel-list or on irc in
 #fedora-devel might be useful to prevent multiple people from doing the
 same work.

 Jesse Keating
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